In Mexico Provides Near Shore Advantage For IT Firms

Manufacturing In Mexico furthers its near shore advantages in the vital IT (information technology) industry.  A recent interview by IT Business Edge with Sieena president, Mauricio Duran, sheds light on just how beneficial any manufacturer in Mexico gains from the cross-cultural arrangement for U.S. companies.  Even with few cultural differences, identifying issues help smooth relationships that create working efficiencies.  Duran indicates that having frequent requirement and design meetings is essential to keep communication open, allowing local and near shore teams to interface regularly.  Face-to-face meetings allow each staff to display their talents and work quality, often followed by social events as well, which reinforce the bond.  Getting to know one another in this fashion is facilitated by flexible visa rules between the U.S. and Mexico.

Plus, most of Sieena’s professionals have either studied or worked in America, which helps the overall cultural understanding.  Even with the predominantly Catholic Mexico juxtaposed with the very diverse U.S. culture, acceptance of differences is quite high from the English-speaking Sieena staff.  Other dynamics that promote rich manufacturing in Mexico relationships include working in similar/same time zones and NAFTA’s legal protection of a manufacturer in Mexico’s intellectual property.  This allows high-end software development, application maintenance and business processing to be provided quickly when aggressive deadlines are needed.  The IT workforce in Mexico can be nimble and responsive while some IT providers from India, for example, may have lag time or currency valuation problems.


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