Mexico Manufacturing Impacts Rising Imports To U.S.

Mexico Manufacturing continues its upward climb in near shoring efforts, increasing imports to the United States.  Besides Mexico’s facilitation of industrial expansion, Germany also has delivered more imported goods to America.  In Germany’s case, their powerhouse manufacturing machine is significantly impacted by a weakened Euro, while the U.S. dollar is kept as low as possible in relation to it, further facilitating imported goods into the American market.

In contrast, large Chinese worldwide exports benefit from a governmental manipulation of the RMB, the effect of which offers tremendous advantage to imports into the U.S. and other countries on the global trading stage.  By comparison, German and American currencies are left at a noticeable disadvantage.  The significance for Mexico manufacturing, however, is their near-shore advantage of which proximity to the U.S. positions import capabilities handily into America.  Countries declining in imports to U.S. include Libya’s 92% drop (due no doubt to their civil unrest), the Congo’s 48% drop (due to mineral issues), Japan’s 7% decline which was seriously affected by the earthquake and tsunami, and Egypt’s 14% import reduction, also affected by civil unrest.


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