Mexico Manufacturers See Rise In Flat Tread Production

A multi-million dollar expansion is planned for Continental’s Mexico Manufacturers of ContiLifeCycle truck tires, adding 43,000 square feet of manufacturing space in the process.  What began in May of 2011 as a supply effort for ContiLifeCycle licensees to support the Americas region truck tread solutions has mushroomed into phenomenal growth.  In fact, Executive VP for the Americas, Paul Williams announced at a recent conference the expansion in Mexico a full year ahead of schedule due to “overwhelming demand”.  Continental will now be able to “cap more than 1.2 million truck tires annually with our ContiTreads” he went on to say.

Providing up to 14 ContiTread tread patterns to accommodate a variety of depths and widths, Continental’s production efforts will continue to expand.  To that end, they expect to increase production by installing a curing and finishing line by 2014.  ContiLifeCycle manager, John Barnes further explained that “the new truck tires…released in 2012 will be evaluated for production as ContiTreads”.  A majority of these products launched by Continental’s Mexico manufacturers will additionally include a vital retread component with the same pattern thereby extending the life of the tire.  The recent conference also included discussion of Continental’s full line of products for dealers profiled as “Solutions for your Business”.  Vice-president Paul Williams finished the conference by conveying Continental’s focus is to provide a 360 degree perspective that aids dealers in managing their business through a changed economic environment.  As a world leader in all things truck, Continental also manufactures telematics, sensors, navigation systems and much more.


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