Manufacturing In Mexico: Unstoppable In Auto & Steel Production

Manufacturing In Mexico expands at an ever-increasing rate in the automobile industry with a dramatic 19.4% increase through May of this year, over the same period of 2010.  According to Eduardo Solis, president of the Mexican Association of Automobile Industry, 213,000 vehicles were produced during this time frame.  This accounts for an increase in exports as well, at 17.1% over last year.  Any automotive manufacturer in Mexico is clearly capitalizing on a very large growth in sales due to Mexico’s substantial production capacity.  In fact, from 2009 to 2010 auto production had increased by a whopping 50% making Mexico the 9th largest auto manufacturing company in the world.

With figures like these, manufacturing in Mexico continues to benefit Asian and European auto companies looking to increase market share in the lucrative US market.  Both Mazda and Daimler Trucks have announced recently their efforts to increase output.  In Mazda’s case, they will build a new facility in Guanajuato, while Daimler increases capacity by adding third shift hours and employees to staff it.  Other companies expanding their manufacturing in Mexico capacity include Delphi, Hawker Beechcraft, and Korea’s Posco, with steel production also benefitting in this boon.


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