Manufacturing In Mexico Poised For More Expansion

Manufacturing In Mexico continues its upward ascent with the announcement of Mazda’s new $500 million dollar complex in Salamanca.  Japan’s third largest trading company, Sumitomo Corporation, will put up 30% of investment funds.  Slated to begin operating in the Spring of 2013, Mazda confirmed that the new plant will create 3,000 new jobs and build 140,000 vehicles a year of the Mazda2 and Mazda3 Series.  Becoming a leading auto manufacturer in Mexico, Mazda will be establishing a ‘compact vehicle manufacturing hub’ for Central and South America at the new complex.

Since entering the Mexican market in 2005, CEO Takashi Yamanouchi confirmed a steady rise in auto sales announcing in 2010 “a new record for both sales volume and market share”, selling 25,116 vehicles in Mexico alone.  With Mazda’s increased efforts manufacturing in Mexico, it is likely sales will continue to jump in the Latin market.  Notably, Brazil accounted for a vigorous 3.5 million vehicle sales just last year, making it the fourth largest market in the world behind China, the U.S. and Japan.


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