Medical Manufacturing in Mexico Offers Greater Advantage

Manufacturing in Mexico is maturing at an exponential rate, giving Chinese medical manufacturers a run for their money as their costs dramatically rise. Entrada Group’s Zacateces facility is primed to absorb and expand greater opportunity for U.S. companies looking to reduce costs, increase qualitative reliability and cut seed-to-market times. The waning Chinese advantage continues its downward trend, highlighting the positive position of manufacturing in Mexico.

Many positive factors contribute to the smarter choice for near-shore medical device production for U.S. companies, including labor costs.  China has experienced a whopping 20% cost increase in 2010 alone with an expected 15-20% rise during 2011.  A factor for this is increased fuel costs and product contamination risks for the 7,000 mile journey from China to U.S. ports, new Chinese taxes and tooling tariffs and currency fluctuations. It is therefore no wonder that 68 out of 80 global manufacturing executives choose manufacturing in Mexico as a more prudent and intelligent business decision to make.

Manufacturing in Mexico through the Entrada Group offers lower inventory costs, less supply chain interruption potential, and greater cultural and time compatibility for the sensitive medical device market.  On top of which the critical FDA approval of imported medical devices substantially favors higher reliability from Mexican production.


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