Defense Manufacturing Company In Mexico Shifts Focus In 2012

In an effort to expand growth opportunities and identify potential barriers, state and local governmental groups held a meeting with Aerospace cluster companies recently in Mexico.  Cubic, Eaton, Parker and Cobham each are examples of a defense Manufacturing Company In Mexico looking to establish greater cooperation and expansion in the CaliBaja Bi-national Mega-Region.  Participating in the conference were U.S. Department of Commerce Representatives, ProMexico Intelligence Unit staff and the Tijuana EDC.  Highlighted issues facing the group for 2012 include ITAR compliance, identifying, attracting and certifying quality any relevant manufacturing company in Mexico that manufactures dual use goods, components and technologies for export.

Business expansion in the defense industry must comply with the ongoing requirements of the Wassanaar Arrangement.  Additionally, due to budget cuts expected from the U.S. side of the equation, the Aerospace Cluster group of Baja seeks to improve import and export processes for off-the-shelf components while reducing build-to-suit production.  To help aid in this effort, U.S. Department of Commerce representatives offered an ITAR specialist to help guide any manufacturing company in Mexico interested in the changed focus.  Further, the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry identified only one (out of five) region equipped with a supply base, experience and knowledge necessary for defense production within the country: that of the CaliBaja Bi-national Mega-Region.


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