Chrysler’s™ Mexico Manufacturers Set To Produce Fiat Ducato Vans

One of the leading Mexico Manufacturers for automobiles and light trucks, Chrysler Group, has announced recently the production of Fiat Ducato in a Ram version.  With substantial facilities operating in Saltillo, Mexico, Chrysler will manufacture the commercial Ram-Ducato stylized van for North America, with an anticipated roll-out by 2013.  Since the company already operates a truck assembly plant, stamping plant and two engine plants in Saltillo, they will expand their current facility to accommodate the van’s production.  Chrysler is expected to invest $500 million in the effort.  Further, CEO Sergio Marchionne indicated that the expansion of the Saltillo facility will become a “center for production of light-commercial vehicles in North America for us”, further positioning Chrysler as a one of the pivotal commercial automotive Mexico manufacturers.

Marchionne also said that the “front-wheel-drive full-sized commercial van shares a platform with the Peugeot Boxer in Europe,” and that it is “designed perfectly to try and deal with the market segment (here) in the U.S….”  As such, Chrysler’s market share is expected to grow.  The Ram brand serves as a modification of the popular Dodge Grand Caravan.  The Ram commercial van is smaller than the Ducato, however.  They additionally anticipate manufacturing a smaller Fiat Doblo light-duty commercial version, along with the Fiat Daily commercial van.  All of Chrysler’s modifications in the their light-truck commercial van line-up will incorporate ‘that punchy Ram look,’ said Fred Diaz, head of Chrysler Group’s Mexico manufacturers operations.


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