Exclusive Tour

2024 Mexico Manufacturing Private Jet Tour:
24-Hour Visit to Entrada’s Mexico Manufacturing Campus

Summer 2024

Are you ready for the first step to your own Central Mexico Manufacturing facility with Entrada Group?

Why you should apply to join our C-level and owner private jet manufacturing tour:  

This is the fastest, most convenient way for you to learn everything there is to know about a leading Mexico Manufacturing operation. Just try doing a one-day trip like that in China. 

What if then, on top of it, you could return home and launch your own manufacturing operation in Mexico in under 12 weeks? That’s exactly what a new client of ours, based in Chicago, recently did. Would that be a game changer for your company? 

Your Tour Host:

John Paul McDaris

John Paul (JP) McDaris
Director, Business Development
Entrada Group

JP has worked with 10 international manufacturers over the years. He helped them set up their own production facilities, staffed by over 3,000 workers.

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