Podcasts | Valuable insights from leaders in offshore operations

As a leader in the Mexico manufacturing industry, the Entrada Group works closely with many of the top experts and brightest minds in the field. We are proud to be able to bring you their insights and experience about Mexico manufacturing through a continuing series of informational audio interviews hosted by Doug Donahue, Vice President of the Entrada Group.

  • “The US is unambiguously better off with work coming back from Asia to Mexico than it is with the work staying in Asia,” Harry Moser, The Reshoring Initiative Low-cost Mexican labor is a big threat to American manufacturing jobs, right? One advocate of the US reshoring movement doesn’t think it’s that straightforward. In some cases, […]

  • “Our attitude toward agriculture and manufacturing should be changing. We don’t have many people involved in agriculture anymore, but nobody says that we should go back to harvesting corn by hand just to get jobs back.” Common perception holds that manufacturing in America and Canada are on the decline. But in this podcast, economist Joe […]

  • “Querétaro is centrally located in Mexico, with over 45 million people within a 350 kilometer radius” In this episode, Doug speaks with Hugo Mandujano, Director of Investment Promotion for the State of Querétaro, who explains the economic growth occurring in the city and state, and how manufacturers are leveraging the advantages of doing business in […]

  • “Today I would say that one of the advantages of investing in Mexico is that we are not only a cost competitive country, but we also have a young workforce. And much has been done to ensure it has the necessary skills and knowledge for the automotive industry.” In this episode, Doug speaks with Luis […]

  • “Many global companies have been manufacturing in Mexico for decades. There’s ample infrastructure, skilled management and sufficient labor resources available, and Mexico has also got more free trade agreements than any other nation on the planet.” As a leader in the Mexico manufacturing industry, Entrada Group works closely with many of the top experts and […]

  • “Mexico is an excellent location, very close to the most important consumer market in the world, the USA, together with Canada." Roel Spee is global leader of Plant Location International (IBM-PLI). Roel has 25 years of experience as a location strategy and economic development consultant with strong know-how in advising international companies in a broad […]

  • “We don’t refer to them as low-cost countries; we call them “emerging markets”, because that’s exactly what they are.” – Tony Vernaci | Director of International, Textron Corporation Tony is responsible for developing and executing global strategies for Textron. Textron is a Global 150 multi-industry company with locations in 20 countries and over 40,000 employees. […]

  • “Many large companies today no longer have the ability to manufacture the products that they sell. They come through the contract manufacturer.” – Randall Sherman | founding partner and president of New Venture Research Randall specializes in contract manufacturing and outsourcing management consulting services. New Venture Research reports on the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry are […]

  • “We think the important takeaway is that investors and operators need to consider that these risks are difficult to attach a dollar sign to, and to make sure that they’re fully understood and vetted before venturing into these foreign production markets.” – Kevin Jackson | Strategic Planner in durable goods manufacturing Kevin Jackson has worked […]

  • “If I were looking at a product where I could source more than 50% of my raw material locally, that would, in my mind, open up other interior locations as being more potentially competitive.” – John Cecilia | Manufacturing Consultant John Cecilia is an independent consultant, working with manufacturing related companies. He is the former […]