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  • Commentary by JP McDaris Sometime this year, Mexico will overtake Japan as the second biggest exporter (behind only Canada) of autos to the US, according to IHS Automotive and as reported by Bloomberg. Mexican auto exports more than quadrupled from 1993 to 2013, as output almost tripled, largely spurred by NAFTA. IHS Automotive further predicts [...]

  • Commentary by JP McDaris Those watching the luxury car market, particularly tier suppliers providing parts for that market, are excited about the prospect of Nissan and Daimler working together to develop compact cars in central Mexico, as reported in news outlets such as Reuters. The cost-cutting move, focusing on the development of compact cars, would [...]

  • Commentary by JP McDaris Cisco recently announced they would be expanding their presence in Mexico, with plans for direct and indirect investments of more than $1 Billion. The money will go to a support center in Mexico City, expansion of the Cisco Networking Academy program and an expanded IT manufacturing capacity in Mexico. Of course [...]

  • Commentary by JP McDaris Manufacturers are leaving China for many reasons – rising labor costs, unstable currency, intellectual property concerns…take your pick. But companies still need to keep operating costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality, meaning they have to find alternative low-cost production locations. Many are reshoring or nearshoring, as this article in [...]

  • Commentary by John Paul McDaris As reported by outlets like IndustryWeek, US-based Johnson Controls recently began production at its new manufacturing plant in Querétaro, Mexico, where they will produce molded polyurethane foam for automotive seats. The company supplies automotive seating, overhead systems, door and instrument panels, and interior supplies and electronics that go into more [...]

  • Commentary by Doug Donahue With the 20th anniversary of NAFTA, much has been written and speculated about the future of US manufacturing. Manufacturing.net recently ran an interview they conducted with Joe Atikian, an author who explored some of the big-picture themes facing manufacturing globally in his recent book Industrial Shift: The Structure of the New [...]

  • Commentary by Doug Donahue Every year PwC conducts its annual Global CEO survey, looking at big trends affecting businesses, trying to identify elements that are strategically important to companies and examine growth prospects. The full results are on the PwC website. Here are some of the key findings from PwC’s 2014 Global CEO Survey that [...]

  • Commentary by John Paul McDaris Mazda recently began production in their new plant in Mexico, located in Salamanca within the state of Guanajuato. Add the Japanese OEM to the long list of auto manufacturers and suppliers who see a presence in central Mexico as a strategic necessity. What’s interesting, if you dig a bit deeper, [...]

  • Commentary by John Paul McDaris Hella, a Germany-based but truly global automotive supplier, recently opened its fifth production plant in Mexico. The new, $90 million plant based in Irapuato will be one of the company’s most advanced worldwide, in terms of infrastructure, technology, design and sustainability, according to the company. The location also further strengthens [...]

  • Commentary by Doug Donahue This article in Plastics News had some illuminating stats about the growth of the auto parts sector in Mexico: • Mexico’s auto parts production was valued at $75 billion in 2013, compared to $57.7 billion in 2007, as estimated by Oscar Albin, executive president of the country’s national supply industry association. [...]